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This book consists of more than 150+ intuitive videos that translated from English to Bengali. Also, we've focused on every concept behind every topic to help you with a clearer understanding of arithmetic problems.

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Using our online video sessions and expert after support, you can learn much faster than ever with a little bit of your valuable time. And don’t worry, we’ll keep you motivated as well.​

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We offer lighter yet more compact books that can compete with our current education system because the smart generation needs smart-books. Isn’t that right?

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Since this is an online-based learning platform, It doesn’t matter where you are or whatever you may be doing Evo-learner will always be there for you 24/7 whenever you need it.


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Most frequent questions and answers

At Evo Learner, we only use branded and much secure QR codes, these QR codes are fantastic for accessing data without worrying. However, there are risks with unknown/non-branded QR code use. They include possibly linking to an unsafe webpage that uses malware or malicious content.

Whether it’s a technical or non-technical problem that you might be facing or there is a suggestion that you want to share with us, we always recommend you send us an email regarding your query/issue/suggestion(s). Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, in Educlans Mathematics, you can still scan a QR code if 15-30 % of the code get’s damaged. However, due to extensive damage, you may find it unusable, in that case, we recommend you to use the short web-link provided at the bottom of the page.

No, Evo-learner is not limited only to Mathematics. You may consider Educlans Mathematics as a new beginning. But as our popularity goes up, we will expand more and bring new generation books from every corner.

There are no daily/monthly/yearly limitations to the QR codes (and any underlying short URLs) created by Evo-learner. These codes/URLs are permanent and will continue to function indefinitely. Although, A 3-month prior notice will be given to the users before taking any action(s).

We are currently planning on a full length advanced mathematic book. Also, we are working on video language expansion to increase the user base. Nevertheless, in order to succeed in this exciting journey, we always need your support and love.