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Hi there, It’s nice to see you. Welcome to a new beginning of endless active learning. We are focused on developing a user-friendly educational ecosystem in West Bengal for the new generation of learners. Using our platform, they can virtually learn anything at any time, directly from our study materials and future courses. Hey, We made a small introduction for you as well. Go ahead, see it in action.

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Some of the most commonly faced problems in our current generation readers

Shortage of time

Nowadays, we spend more time on our smartphones and social media platforms rather than reading a book. In the long run, this truly affects our relationship with books, ultimately slowing down our daily learning capacity.

Fear of Learning

The majority of students have hesitation with some complicated subjects or lessons. Sometimes they are unable to clear their doubts properly. Also, students who find a particular topic harder than others tend to neglect it.

Lack of proper guidence

Not enjoying the books, students of the modern generation have become overly dependent on private tutors and other similar sources. But, if they fail to enlighten them properly, learners have no other way to judge because they don’t have adequate ideas about the matter, resulting in bad scores.

Less attention towards students

Not having a precise mindset, a student gets easily distracted from the course of their bright future path. Most of the time, that tends to happen when educators give less attention or focus to those students who need the right motivation.

How evo-learner can transform the way of learning?


Knowledge Sharing Database

We are on the verge of creating an advanced collective knowledge-sharing database. Users can get remote access to this database through our study materials and courses to provide them with an enhanced visual learning experience.

Improved Book Layout

We came up with a whole new book layout that can unlock the bridge between traditional and virtual learning. This way, we can draw more reader’s attention towards reading and learning. We want our users not only to rely on just textbooks but also to have a clearer perspective.

Interactive User Experience

At Evo-learner, we are trying our best to deliver our audience an interactive and hassle-free experience, so they can effortlessly learn anything while saving their valuable time for other activities.

24/7 Online User Support

Still, stuck anywhere? No problem, we got your back. Just send your query, and a team of experts will always be there to help you with your problem.


some key features that make it special

Branded QR codes

150+ intuitive videos

In-depth learning

Learn from the core

Learn effortlessly

Simple explanations

Quality content

Works with every device

First of it's Kind

New design

Stay engaged

Stay Motivated

Obstacles that we are here to overcome

We thoroughly researched and find out some issues that need to fix.

Geographyical learning factor

In some cases, user location plays an essential role in their overall education. Finding the most skilled educator or coach is equally important for the learning curve in students. We surely can solve this problem through this platform.

Better coaching environment

We believe every learner deserves a quality educational experience. Evo learner is largely based on conceptual and visual learning. By using this platform, our users not only feel the change but also see the change.

More economical approach

From the very beginning, we realized that not every user comes from a wealthy family. That is why one of our primary goals is to make this platform more affordable compared to others.

Less environmental impact

Books are made out of paper, and papers made from chopping down trees that balance our environment. by improving the book layout, we can make them more compact and lightweight.

Questions you might have

Why should you buy it?

Unlike conventional books, this book has created using a whole new concept. While using this book, you can have access to over 150 intuitive videos, which can be very helpful for clearing all your doubts about every chapter.

Who can give it a try?

Though this book entitled as a competitive exam book, anyone ranging between 8th standard to graduation could easily understand and use this book. All you need is a smart-phone or a computer with an average internet connection on it.

Any extra charges?

No, you don’t have to pay for anything other than buying the book. You can access all the video links and QR codes as many times as you want. We never intend to charge our users extra other than the sole product they purchased.

Some of our active users review on our book

It’s a great and easy way to learn arithmetic while staying at home due to lock-down. Now I can solve problems that used to be a lot hard for me. It’s definitely worth the money.
Moushumi Das
I bought this book a few days ago now I can defiantly say that my way of learning math has changed a lot. It’s time-saving and reliable for me to understand the concepts.
Ranjan Halder
You should give it a try if you want to learn arithmetic from the core. I teach between the 9th to 12th standard, and I recommend my students to have this book as a reference.
Babusona Nag

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